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Your resource centre is here to give you support in all aspects of using the Praemium platform. If there is anything missing or you need help, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

For platform accounts switching to Optimus Models, please use the attached switch form

Switch form Click here


Once you have decided which model investment strategy is suitable for your investor, you will need to login to the platform and create an application online.

First create your applicant and then select the type of account. You can also generate illustrations for the account online or use - Illustration Generator. A step-by-step guide to the applications module is available in the user guides or section below.

Investing via Old Mutual

When signing the client up you will need to complete the Old Mutual application form as well as the iGuard appointment of custodian form. If you are investing through another product you may also need to complete their application form which you can obtain from the relevant provider. In addition, you will need to provide the investor with a copy of the Important Information document which includes the platform terms and key features as well as the fee schedule. Please input the account details onto the Platform and inform Praemium's Client Services Team to expect an account opening confirmation from OMI.

The platform will generate a partial or full application, illustration and terms and conditions.

Below you will find additional links so that you can complete the application.

IRS Tax Forms - W8 Ben Click here
IRS Tax Forms – W8 Ben-E Click here
IRS Tax Forms – W9 Click here

You will need to send us:

  1. The completed application, including product provider sign off on a corporate investment instruction if there is a product wrapper such as a pension or offshore bond for the account.
  2. The completed tax form;
    • W8Ben for investors who are not US tax payers.
    • W9 for US tax payers.
    • W8BenE for entities such as Trusts or Companies and Pensions.
  3. The due diligence on the investor. See the below CDD Guidelines for details.(These are not required for OMI applications)

CDD Guidelines Click here

The first time they sign up to the platform you will need to give your investor the:

  • Platform Custody & Execution Terms
  • Investment Management Terms (if using a 3rd party discretionary manager)
  • Investment Mandate (if using a 3rd party discretionary manager)

Investment Mandate – Optimus - 0.75% Investment Manager Fee Click here
Investment Mandate – Optimus - 0.65% Investment Manager Fee Click here

Applications can be scanned first and sent to [email protected] and please mail them to:

Praemium International Limited
3rd Floor East, 1-9 Union Street
Salisbury House
St Helier, Jersey

Once we receive originals and review the CDD we will confirm that money can be sent to our client bank accounts. Bank details can be found below:

Praemium Bank Account Details Click here

When the money is receipted into the bank the account status will change to ‘live’ on the platform.

On Going Management

For on-going management of your investors’ accounts on the platform the following documentation can be used to notify us of additions, new direct debits, withdrawals and switches.

Additional Investment Form Click here
Corporate Investment Instruction Click here
Switch Instruction Click here
Withdrawal Instruction Click here

Useful Links

Further useful information is provided below, if you have any questions, please do call, or e-mail us using the contact details below:

User Guides Click here
Custody & Execution Terms & Conditions Click here
Investment Management Terms Click here
Fee Schedule Click here

Contact Details

If you have any questions, please contact our client services team on:

[email protected]

Telephone: +971 800 03 210 93

Our offices are open on business days between 6am - 10pm (GST)

Note: This information is intended for Professional Advisers only and should not be relied upon by Retail Investors.
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