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The iGuard Model Portfolio Service offers a range of seven actively managed, multi asset portfolios that are mapped to specific client risk profiles. To identify which risk profile your client falls into you should use the iGuard risk profiler. Once you have established the client’s risk profile the iGuard risk mapping matrix will illustrate which portfolios may be suitable. Below you will find the iGuard brochure, portfolio summaries and quarterly factsheets which you can provide to your client when recommending this service.

iGuard Brochures and Portfolio Information
Client Brochure Download
iGuard Portfolio Summaries Download
Key Features of the service Download
iGuard Investment Management Approach - a detailed report on the benefits of the service Download

iGuard Factsheets Defensive Cautious Cautious + Balanced Balanced + Aggressive Aggressive +
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The average cost of the iGuard model portfolios is 1.73% pa which includes the platform charges and the discretionary management fee.

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding the iGuard Model Portfolios, please contact our client services team on:

[email protected]

Telephone: +971 800 03 210 93

Our offices are open on business days between 6am - 10pm (GST)

Note: This information is intended for Professional Advisers only and should not be relied upon by Retail Investors.
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